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I am a GERD/reflux patient for over 30 years and have experienced shortness of breath caused by a small hiatal hernia and my reflux has gotten progressively worse after using PPIs for over 30 years.

I have been reluctant to have the Nissen procedure done as all my gastro doctors have told me the procedure has a high failure rate. I have been following the new LINX procedure and the system certainly seems like a logical solution. I live in South Florida and noted that The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville is presently offering the procedure, but they don’t accept my insurance. Who else has experience with the procedure? Thank you.

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Thank you for sending us your question! There is rampant confusion about the efficacy of the laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication. It is perpetuated by lack of knowledge and familiarity with the surgery for GERD on the part of primary care physicians and gastroenterologists. It is a shame.

The effectiveness of the Nissen fundoplication

In the hands of an experienced anti-reflux surgeon in a properly selected patient the procedure has an extremely high success rate. This is the position of the American College of Gastroenterologists and American Gastroenterological Association, which are the two major gastroenterology societies. The sources of your information are not correct, but an experienced surgeon with this procedure must do the Nissen. Dr. Dengler has written more about this in the following posts:

What are the most common side effects from a laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication? 
How do I select a surgeon for my anti-reflux surgery?

We also have an article that compares the different surgical options that you might find helpful as you research your options: GERD procedures at-a-glance

Surgery for GERD: More about LINX

The LINX is a new option that does not have the proven track record of success over many, many years that a Nissen does, but has had excellent results to date and is a good option to consider. Regardless, medications are no longer providing the relief you desire. You deserve relief and please be certain that you are accurately educated on all of your options.

We do have several articles on the LINX procedure which you might review before you do any additional research.

New study finds LINX safe and effective for chronic GERD
Ten things you need to know about LINX

Your situation will, however, require more detailed consultation with a LINX specialist. There is specific testing for potential candidates for this procedure and they must be performed by an expert on GERD, as well as approved by Torax Medical to perform the procedure. I suggest that you learn more on Torax’s patient portal where you can also find a list of approved LINX physicians. You can access that at

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