Here's what you will know after reading this book:

  • Understand all aspects of your disease

    The causes of GERD, disease stages, symptoms, complications, lifestyle choices, medications, home remedies, and surgical procedures.

  • The four components of a natural solution for GERD

    Proper nutrition, portion control, weight management, and trigger foods.

  • How to implement a step-by-step approach to relief

    Planning, goal setting, tracking and implementation.

  • The keys to making personal changes to succeed

    Noted psychologist Michael R. Edelstein offers insights into successfully changing your behavior to assure relief.

  • How to effectively manage food consumption

    With 21 daily meal plans as examples, you can personally plan your meals to meet your taste and lifestyle.

  • GERD-friendly recipes

    Over 90 recipes designed to eliminate acid reflux symptoms that are both delicious and healthy.

Get started on your path to relief.

Do you want to get your life back again? Do you want to stop taking medications? Do you want to feel better? If so, RefluxMD's Recipe for Relief is for you!

  • "If you have been diagnosed with GERD, it is time to get the education, help and support you need to control it and get your life back. Your goal should be to find out what is truly causing your acid reflux and to make the changes necessary to free yourself from the troubling symptoms. RefluxMD does not rely on medications, but rather digs into the underlying reasons for your condition. This is the only way to control acid reflux for life, and to prevent both the symptoms and the medical issues it can cause in the long term."
    Kimberly A. Tessmer, RDN, LD, Author, Nutritionist, And Dietician
  • "I believe the most important factor in this disease is YOU. YOU have the means to manage your symptoms. YOU are the most important factor impacting the progression of your disease. YOU have many treatment options that can provide relief and improve the quality of your life – and it is up to YOU to make these critical decisions. RefluxMD has taken a complicated long-term chronic condition and made it simple for individuals who are not medical professionals to understand."
    David S. Johnson, MD FACS, GERD Expert And Surgeon
  • "RefluxMD’s diet program is only one tool out of many that they offer to help you manage your disease and eliminate or reduce your symptoms. However, this diet program is very important in that it emphasizes diet and weight loss, the top recommendations by those who treat GERD. I encourage you to embrace this program with the confidence that the following concepts and strategies will keep you on the path to relief and good health."
    Michael R. Edelstein, Ph.D., Psychologist, Author, And Lecturer

How the program was developed

RefluxMD's Recipe for Relief includes 21 days of meal plans, 90 GERD-friendly recipes, and practical advice for making healthy changes to your lifestyle. This natural and healthy solution for the relief of acid reflux disease gives you everything you need to take control of your health and start feeling better.

RefluxMD’s Recipe for Relief was developed using the #1 rated DASH diet, which was created by the National Institute of Health to reduce high blood pressure. However, after years of testing, the DASH diet also proved to be highly effective as a balanced, safe, and healthy weight loss program. The DASH diet was designed with teams of nutritionists, physicians, and dieticians, and between 1993 and 1997 it tested at five major US research centers: Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, Kaiser Permanente in Portland, Brigham and Women’s hospital, and the Pennington Biomedical Research Center.

A team of 22 nutrition and weight loss experts evaluated 41 diet programs for US News and World Report’s Annual Diet Rankings. For the fifth year in a row, the DASH diet was selected as the #1 Best Diet Overall and the #1 Best Diet for Healthy Eating. Other diets rated in the study include Weight Watchers (#3), Jenny Craig (#8), and Atkins (#29). The experts placed more value on the long-term success of each diet program, rewarding those that could be easily adopted for a lifetime. The other criteria were safety, nutrition, easiness, short-term results, diabetes prevention, and heart disease prevention. According to the Huffington Post, “The DASH diet’s win is part of an overall trend among the ranking toward sensible eating plans that are free of gimmicks.”

Based upon these convincing results, RefluxMD selected the DASH diet as the foundation for its Recipe for Relief. Since the DASH diet was not specifically formulated for those with GERD, RefluxMD adapted the plan with meal plans that avoids known trigger foods and over 90 GERD-friendly recipes.

  • I was pleased to find "Recipe Relief." I purchased it immediately and have become much more comfortable with GERD. I cook for my husband and he is pleased with most of the recipes I have cooked. I would eat cardboard if I thought it would heal me; however, with these recipes I can enjoy so many foods. I wish the doctor's office had a flyer that they could give out to their GERD patients and recommend "Recipe Relief." I look forward to the next publications that you offer. Thank you.
    Amazon Customer
  • So, I've lost 21 pounds so far...and I'm taking my PPIs every third day! I've got 5-ish labs to go, and I'm thinking, "will I even think about (or feel!) my heart burn by then?" Thanks RefluxMD for the encouragement to change what I can! If you're an active middle-aged dude...and wanna stay that way (active, that is!), check out the GERD Friendly diet book, "Recipe for Relief"...It'll change your life!!!
    Mark Mayers
  • Having read this wonderful book and also having had the operation I can thankfully say that as a person with acid reflux my entire life I finally have found the relief I was seeking. This book is a must read!
    John (on Amazon)

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